The Seattle Reign were a founding member of the Scrub League that was created by Clive Hanson to seize the opportunity and fill the void left during the Strike years. They started play in 1992 and made it to the Scrub League Championship losing to the New England Regulars 31-14. In 1994 Hanson sold his controlling interests in the Scrub League to The League and effectively merged the two creating a Division III. By 1996 Seattle had already made Division I and The League Championship game where they defeated the New York Nightmare and stopped them from winning 3 straight championships. Seattle won on the strength of their defense who set a championship game record seven forced turnovers.

During the 2011 season, the Reign were bumped down to Division II. In a hard-taking decision, the Reign GM decides to fire the staff and begin again, contracting new players and coaches. The League allowed them to resume their Division II way as the Empire. They have no problems in rushing the quarterback, but however, they still have problems with the secondary.

Team Captain: Clayton Valenzuela (Inside Linebacker #55)

PRO: Pass Rush

CON: Secondary