Northern League, known also as Gridiron Football League, it's an expansion league. It contains teams from cities that the League doesn't have.

  • Green Bay Slayers
  • Oakland Warriors
  • Indianapolis Twisters
  • Houston Raptors
  • New Orleans Troopers
  • Arizona Hunters
  • Portland Doomers
  • Las Vegas Knights (Replaced the Aces' after The League's 2011 season)
  • Atlanta Maulers (Replaced the 404 after The League's 2011 season)
  • Miami Smashers (Replaced the Hammerheads after The League's 2010 season)
  • Sacramento Foxes
  • Austin Barbarians
  • San Antonio Spiders
  • Madison Storm
  • Brooklyn Machines
  • Tampa Bay Speeders